As a multi-sport athlete, Christine Anderson has excelled at many levels.  An accomplished high school athlete and honor student, she also earned college scholarship offers for softball and soccer, the latter of which led to her participation in the olympic soccer program.   Post college, Christine founded Fresh Paint Studios, an interior decorative paint company which operates successfully to this day. Throughout this time, she found the time to compete in soccer, at times playing in two or three teams at once, all while raising her two children on her own.  Several years ago she was exposed to kettlebells.  She quickly realized that they had an amazing effect on her speed, quickness and overall fitness.  She was hooked.  Before long she became proficient in all of the major kettlebell movements, and due to her love of sports and fitness, Christine made the decision to pursue a career as a personal trainer.  She became certified by the ISSA as a personal trainer, and now runs two successful bootcamps in the valley.